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Floating Lab

to build words
and music

to build images
[still & motion]

to choreograph

Musical Chairs
to interact

Floating Lab
Unit 5
45A Tudor Road
London E97SN

A space for

Floating Lab
For six years, the Floating House has been a co-living space for more than 50 people. Always shared in four to cover rent and expenses, the space built over time a community of people in visual arts and social sciences around an ethos: sharing ideas, conversations and knowledge are the new currencies.

A white board
The Floating Lab is its daytime version in spirit. A platform for creative collaborations to unleash and experiment. A circle or table, for people to debate and unfold concepts. A space for artists, curators, publishers and makers to rent for workshops, talks and curated events.

Minimal & Modular
Flexible and minimal living defines its mindset. Its location makes it a perfect testing board for artefacts, installations, talks, slow fashion and products set along a lifestyle. The space is lightly furnished or delivered empty for set designed. With or without chairs. With or without blinds. With two projectors. It welcome a hand-picked audience [max. 40] out of the noise.

For Bespoke Installations
Storytellers, publishers, musicians and indie music labels can curate workshops, talks, and launch an artist or a theme. For fashion designers and makers, the space can be curated into an ephemeral living space for objects to express along a lifestyle.

On the back the wooden board allows the display of large prints, books, vinyls and rare / precious objects to be presented. The massive white wall – purposely left empty, allows multiple projections.

Pricing & Ethics
This project aims to primarily serve independent visions with fair pricing, discussed in collaborations, and with great respect for who lives in and made this space possible in access.

To showcase, film or photograph, companies are welcome on commercial rates aligned with Hackney’s rental spaces.

Reach us here for a visit.
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