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Floating Lab

To build words
and music.

To build images
Still and motion.

To imagine and
project scenes.

Musical Chairs
For active audiences
to interact.

Floating Lab
Is an intimate space devoted to artistic visions with no restriction in display.

A white board
For artists, curators, thinkers and innovators interested in developing concepts, conversations, workshops and storyboards along a hand-picked audience.

A polymorphic stage
The space is uncluttered and modular [delivered empty, with 40 chairs, or with one’s own set design] for multiple projections, small performances and installations using mixed media [photography, music, films, spoken words, objects or one’s body], to deploy spatially.

A mindset
The space serves artists with no borders nor dogma between disciplines. It stands for forensic photography at time, for merging reality and fiction without saying sorry other times, and for fashion to display in backstage boudoir lifestyle, stitches and supply chain. Small music formations are invited to rehearse in daytime.

A sustainable model
The Floating Lab is a dreamtank where pioneer investors and philanthropists are welcome to fund the new currencies: sharing knowledge / curating moments.

If you have something to test, share, launch, pitch or celebrate, tell us about your vision and bespoke experience.

A stage.
A playground.
A concept factory.
An incubator.
To dribble.
A beat.
A vision.

Floating Lab