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Floating Lab

to ease words
and music

to dream in images
[still & motion]

for musical chairs
to interact

Floating Lab
Unit 5
45A Tudor Road
London E97SN

A mindset for

The Floating House is a co-living space in a warehouse conversion in London, Hackney. The main space gives access to four rooms and two bathrooms. At any given time, four of us live and work here.

The Floating House, resilient to the Brexit years, fostered a vibrant community around the ethos of sharing food, conversations, cultures and knowledge rather than the old currencies of money, power and consumption.

Beyond its physicality, the Floating House is a blueprint for living utopia. Over 50 of us lived here, planting a seed for future experiments in collective housing.

In daytime, the main space is a studio for hire. Minimal and modular, it serves as a whiteboard for who wants to photograph and film in daylight. Contact us here.

Reach us here for a visit.
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