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Floating Lab

To build words
and music.

To build images
Still and motion.

To imagine and
project scenes.

Musical Chairs
For active audiences
to interact.

Floating Lab
A space for photography to share knowledge, experiment, debate, collaborate and unleash artistic visions.

A white board
To deploy concepts, workshops and products along a small hand-picked audience.

A mindset
Minimal and modular, delivered furnished or empty, with 40 chairs or with one’s own set design, it’s a space dedicated to independent artists, curators, thinkers and innovators:
– with complex stories to unfold mixing print and digital media
– with forensic material to be presented to a group of experts
– for showcases using multi-screens, spoken words and soundscapes
– for slow fashion to be played live and intimate as if backstage
– for one-to-one meetings [on Thursdays and Fridays – per hour]
to quietly read tarot cards, astrology or practice therapy...
The Floating Lab is provided furnished or empty, with 45 available chairs for intimate events.
The wooden board allows a modular curation to showcase art books, prints, mirrors, screens…
The industrial structure is left free of lighting for each stage to be a designed and bespoke experience.
Minimalism as a space for what is possible and a non-imposition of a set culture.
Flowers can be ordered locally at Rebel Rebel and plants rented at the Conservatory Archives.
The table carries the word traum or dream as a tribute to Angela Merkel – in opposition to Brexit.
It takes thirty minutes to clear the space of its current content except for the fixed wooden board.
Each launch or workshop can be crafted with rented or brought-in lighting, furniture and objects...
The table is easy to move around the space, taken out or placed against the wall as a post-it board.
A wide-angle sense of scale. If the kitchen is not relevant to the event, it can be hidden with rented material.
For summer workshops, the ceiling fans provide a fair amount of air circulation. No AC needed.
The kitchen equipment may allow to bring in someone to cook for workshop and event participants.
A detail of the windows in the small hallway. A clothing rack can be placed in to store coats and bags.
A shoot and stay floating cabin or creative studio can be rented for a half-day, a day or a week.
The quality of daylight and its changing shape across the day is an ideal setting for beauty photography.
For filming and photography sessions, equipment can be rented at nearby location centres.
Tudor Road near Broadway Market offers a variety of industrial landmarks for outdoor B-rolls or cutaways.
Along the canal, the most recognisable landmark of London Fields #Hackney.
The white wall is a blank canvas for home movies and work-based projections including multi-screening.
An intimate theatre for the future of fashion: ethical in its supply chain, inclusive in its audience engagement.
Room for a week-based residency can help prepare a workshop for international independent artists and curators.
Food-engineered by the stylish Latin duo Cocina Shoreditch, light vegan plates can be ordered from the space.
Middle Eastern Za’atar was beautifully prepared by Rita from Syria for our most recent event.
Friendship, music, flowers, art books, wine and conversations have enriched the memories of the Floating House.

If you have something to test, share, launch, pitch or celebrate, tell us about your vision.

A stage.
A playground.
A concept factory.
A beat.
A rate card.

Floating Lab
A platform for collaborations
#London #Hackney E97SN

2020 currency is live curated moments for niche audiences.
Hello! Pioneer investors join us and support our vision.

A community of more than fifty in five years who's artists and humanists in particular have contributed to build what is today its ethos: a platform for creative collaborations.